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Our Mission is to make our cients more successful! Increasing sales, new leads and client retention Staying CONNECTED through meaningful interactions Designing functional and attractive websites Carrying out traditional pr tactics Educating effective social media strategies Connect your business today with us and leverage your power online!
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  • Will-Marre-Logo-MySMN

    Will Marre

    Emmy-Award Winning Writer, Speaker, and Expert on what successful 21st century leaders and companies are doing that no one else is.

  • The Baras Foundation

    A Non-Profit Thrift Shop that funds the 291-KIDS call-in line.

  • Sparkify-Logo-MySMN


    Sparkify is a social networking app that allows the users to select from hundreds of common interests and then search to find matches in close geographic proximity to “spark” a conversation.

  • Pup-Protector-Logo-MySMN

    Pup Protector

    Pup Protector is a line of high quality LED dog collars and leashes designed to keep you and your dog safe at night and in the early morning.

  • Kitchen-Facilities-Design-Logo-MySMN

    Kitchen Facilities Design

    Kitchen Facility Design’s staff and design team are one of Southern California’s premier foodservice equipment providers and restaurant design specialists.

  • Juntos-Lubricants-Logo-MySMN

    Juntos Lubricants

    Juntos lubricants & sexual wellness products provide a groundbreaking mix of affordability, innovation and luxury that support a healthy, fun lifestyle.

  • John-Brockington-Foundation-Logo-MySMN

    John Brockington Foundation

    Founded by NFL great John Brockington providing help and hope to those affected by kidney disease and transplantation.

  • J-Wiesner-Private-Jeweler-Logo-MySMN

    J. Wiesner Private Jeweler

    A premier family-owned and operated jeweler that has served the San Diego area for over 30 years.

  • Sunset-Village-Logo-MySMN

    Sunset Village

    Sunset Village is an affordable housing community located in the scenic heart of Glenview, IL.

  • Harbor-Point-Estates-Logo-MySMN

    Harbor Point Estates

    Harbor Point provides you with a relaxed, affordable manufactured home with a yard of your own.


What Our Clients and Partners Say About Us

The social zeitgeist has shifted your customers into the virtual world of social media, and if your business hasn't yet made the leap forward into social media marketing, then you may be sitting on a goldmine that has yet to be discovered. At MySMN (My Social Media Network), our social media consultants specialize in making your business seen on the most important advertising platform of today's day and age - the Internet.

By trusting in the experience of a social media consultant, you're allowing your brand to be seen not only on Twitter and facebook, but across a score of social media platforms that you may or may not even know about. At MySMN, we take pride in knowing the exact steps that it takes to forge golden connections between your social media network, and networks of your potential clients. When you operate across a variety of platforms, it expands your brand and increases the chance that people familiar with your product will spread the word.

Not only do we help design and construct your specialized social media campaign, but we also keep you updated with the metrics of exactly how your business has been connecting with your audience. We believe that in business, results matter. This means that we'll be able to provide for you a complete detailing of how your business has changed since hiring a social media consultant. Feel free to take part in our free consultation and see how we can give your business the virtual traffic that it needs to truly thrive.