Social Media Marketing

Internet Marketing Services

If your social media potential is still untapped, then you could be sitting on a veritable gold mine and not even know it. MySMN taps into your audience through social media marketing to direct traffic to your site and maximize your profits. The internet is now the #1 resource that people use to find what they need, and by understanding and utilizing this, we help drive up your website’s traffic by making sure that you establish a presence on the social media sites that they check every day.

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Website Design

MySMN can help your business look sleek and attractive on the web by building you a custom website that will be fully functional on any device, browser, or platform that your potential customers might be using. By making your website available to your audience on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones, you’re making sure that your clients can find out more about your company no matter where they are. Monthly analytics, management, and hosting are all included in our website plans.

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Local Search Optimization

What is Local Search Optimization? If you have ever searched for a local business and seen a picture of the business owner, a map of where that business is located and reviews of that business then you’ve experienced the results of Local Search. But did you know that consumers are 5 times more likely to choose a business based on their appearance in local search? If you are not currently optimizing these results for your business then you’re missing out on potential revenue.

We understand local search and how to make sure your business can take full advantage of all aspects of this very important tool.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Did you know that 70% of people trying to find a service or product do so through online search, and that 53% of all organic search clicks go to the first link on the search results. Most importantly, 75% of users never click past the first page of results. Knowing this, if SEO isn’t part of your overall digital media strategy in 2014, it should be.

We can help you create an SEO strategy that will get you on the first page of search to increase leads to your business. Our team of SEO experts will craft a customized strategy based on research of the local market and high volume key words for both onsite and offsite optimization. The result will be an increased visibility to new customers.

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Email Marketing

Does you business have an Email Marketing strategy? If you don’t, you’re missing out on potential business. Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to market to your current and potential customers. A recent study from Litmus showed that 82% of consumers open emails from companies and for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on an email marketing investment. If you don’t have a email capture and email marketing strategy in place for 2014, then you are losing out on a huge opportunity to re-connect with the biggest source of revenue for your business; your current and past customers.

The My SMN email marketing team knows how to create an email capture and marketing plan that will help your business generate more leads and sales in 2014.

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PPC & Social Advertising

In 2013 business spent over 20 billion dollars on online advertising, commonly know as Pay Per Click or PPC.  The result of this huge influx of dollars into paid online advertising has been an exponential increase in the options for your business to advertise online.   This includes Google, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube just to name a few.  The result of an effective online advertising campaign can be a huge boost in revenues as a result of increased exposure and highly qualified leads flowing into your business.  But without an effective plan, you can waste a lot of money, in a short period of time, with little to know results.

We understand how to create an online advertising campaign that will result in maximum effect for the dollars that you spend.

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